Noteworthy Links | Edition 2 - Create Your Own Game Of THrones Sigil

Jesus Christ is no Fan of Path Founder Dave Morin.  A refreshing and hilarious take on a few entrepreneurs sounding like they take themselves too seriously.

Make sure you have a backup pair of underpants.  It's that funny.

Throughout the realm, countless realms are creating their sigils and preparing for Winter.  I'm no RR Martin, but I can still build my house of Scott sigil.  Create your own courtesy of the folks at HBO.

I love this little tool from HBO to keep us busy between episodes.  My only wish is that they would have provided a family saying generator...

Ever wanted to create a time-lapse video using Google Street view images?  

Well neither did I till I saw what the agency Teehan + Lax put together as a side project.  Yeah I said agency and side project.  Check it out, but make sure you use Chrome